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Sunday Dinner… cooking itself while I enjoy the day with My kids!

Good Sunday Morning!!  This is My easy as heck Sunday dinner recipe for Chuck roast, done in a crock pot (two crock pots, if your family is as big as mine)

Sundays at My house have always been the same, when I was married, after the divorce and at the current moment. I wake up when I am ready. The kids sleep until they smell something cooking, usually grits, bacon and/or sausage, eggs, pancakes, French toast bake (recipe to come next Sunday morning). Today however, I chose not to make breakfast, instead I got tonight’s dinner in the crock pot and started, reason? Home this morning are only the two youngest and My ex husband… (Ill explain about him on the “relationship” page). My oldest (that still lives at home) is currently at work, from 8 am this morning til 4:30 this afternoon. Also, I promised My youngest son, he is 12, that I would take him and his best friend to the skate park in West Haven, there they can practice skateboarding tricks, hopefully nothing gets broke today..arm, leg..ya know…body parts 🙂 I like the skate park in West Haven because its HUGE, FREE and across the street from the beach.. which happens to be My favorite place in the world.. The Beach.. ANY beach. I feel a connection whenever I am there, the water, the smell, the sound… it brings Me peace and clarity..again, another page for that part of My life 😉

Ok…. On to the recipe.. Remember this is My first Blog with pictures and step by step instructions so bare with Me please.



3-4lbs chuck roast (or any inexpensive cut of beef, listen, when cooked in a crock pot even the cheapest cuts of beef become tender and flavorful)

2-3 large Vidalia onions (Vidalia or “sweet” onions are My favorite for all purpose use, red onions are My second favorite)

7 cloves crushed garlic (I use a garlic press, I STRONGLY suggest investing in a good one)

4 stalks celery

4 large carrots (ok, so My 16 yr old daughter threw away the bag od mini carrots I had in the fridge because they “looked” dried out… today there are not carrots in the pot, however it will still taste amazing)

1 pkg Trader Joes dried mixed mushrooms ( you can use whatever mushrooms YOU like..I use dried because they are SOOOOO versatile and I make a lot of soups in the winter and cream of mushroom is My families favorite)

1/2 a 5 lb bag of Yukon Gold potatoes or approx. 10 potatoes (you can use whatever type of potatoe YOU like, I prefer Yukon golds because they are not as starchy as eastern whites or idahos)

Salt & pepper to taste

1/2 cup Cabernet Sauvignon (Barefoot winery is My FAV)

1 tbsp of gravy master

1 14oz can of beef broth

3 tbsp of GOOD olive oil 

2 tbsp dried Thyme (I love thyme with ANY meat dish)

This is the easy part… The instructions!

oil in the pot first, turn the heat to 400. Cut onions and potatoes into chunks, approx. 1inch squared (if you have carrots, cut the same as other veggies), add to pot. Crush garlic, add to pot, cut celery into smaller chunks, add to pot. Add salt, pepper, thyme, gravy master, wine and mushrooms. Let cook for approx. 5 minutes, mixing to coat all ingredients. Now add meat, I lay the meat pieces on top of the veggies for the first 15 minutes, then add the beef broth.  (Oh, I use the meat FROZEN, that’s the best part of using a crock pot, you don’t have to defrost most meats when using a crockpot.)

Best investment, a garlic press!
Best investment, a garlic press!
sweating veggies with wine :)
sweating veggies with wine 🙂

Let everything simmer at 400 for about 15 minutes, then turn down to 300, leave cover on and walk away!! Check every hour, (if you are home, if not, it will be fine, if you are going to be gone more then three hours leave the temp at 250) until meat is falling apart and the potatoes are tender… The juice/gravy will taste so good you will want to drink it!! The finished product picture will be posted later, however this is what it looks like as it cooks.


Enjoy your Sunday… I am off with the brats to have some fun while dinner cooks without Me 🙂