Calling all FOODIES!!

There used to be a time when I lived to eat, Now… I eat to live. I have been a “foody” all my life, trying something new was always exciting to me. I remember the first time I ate a raw clam, a little tabasco sauce on it and a squirt of lemon. I was 6 years old, my dad introduced “clams on the half-shell”. I fell in love with food that very day!!

So here, on this page I will be adding recipes, pics of the food I create in My home and at work. At the moment I am working for a corporation owned Daycare/preschool Center. It’s not a bad gig for now, it pays the bills and is giving me the time I need to make a decision about what I am going to do with the rest of My life.. not that I need to make that decision final anytime soon. 🙂 Working for this Company also allows Me to be home with My family.. ( I suppose I should make a page about My offspring and other loved ones.) cooking for them makes all of us happy.  Being honest, I DO miss owning/operating a restaurant and catering company. It took Me away from My children and almost destroyed Me physically and mentally.  I had a partner, He was My best friend.. WAS being the operative word. Money… greed can do evil things to the human heart and mind.. and that is all I will ever say concerning My former business partner and our relationship. (no, there was NEVER a romantic thing there.. UGHH .. purely platonic.. not MY type)

Anyway, so tomorrow being Sunday.. I, of course am cooking a “Sunday dinner” for My family… Not sure what I am calling it.. Either Smothered steak or Meat & Potatoes. 🙂 Not such a hard recipe… done all in one pot… MY FAVORITE POT… the CROCKPOT!! Ill post the recipe and pics tomorrow…

Sweet Dreams All…

Satie ❤


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