Traditional Shabbot, or for those Yiddish speaking people, Shabbos Food (orthodox Jewish stuff for those of you not in the “know”..LOL :) ) .. I fell off the wagon!!

Shabbos… Defined properly (meaning Wikipedia description) the Yiddish term for Shabbat. The Jewish day of rest. Traditionally celebrated with a menu eaten in most every Orthodox Jewish Family home. The Menu is the same, of course there are variations… each family is different, however, most had the same every Friday night, did the same ritual every Friday night.. and did NOT use Electronic devices or operate any machinery, including driving a car to the Synagogue, pretty much no matter how old you were or how cold it was outside. Every Friday at sundown til Saturday at sundown. That is the day of rest, specific laws must be abided by.

For those of you who are saying to your selves, ohhhh those are the Jewish people that don’t use soap, right? No…that is not who they are and that is also not true about the soap thing.  Again, I am a realist, and at times not politically correct when I speak or write.  So if EVER I offend you by saying what YOU were actually thinking.. then let Me apologize ahead of time. ….are you waiting for the apology?… hmm… Don’t. Mostly due to the fact that I could give two shits what someone has to say about Me in a derogatory way. I know WHO and WHAT I am… DO YOU?. I say what I say because there is no malice behind any of My words, unless of course I have to cuss you out because you did something to ME personally or one of My kids, ya know,.. that Momma bear thing.  Yeh that’s ME.

Anyway.. lets get back to the point. My point being. I have over 10 years personal experience and research within the Orthodox Jewish Community where I live. Fact.. My former business partner and best friend is an Orthodox Jewish Man in his late 30’s. He is also a Taurus.. just like Me :). Only difference between Us is that HE is an orthodox Male, governed by his faith, He has a duty to uphold his beliefs no matter what. I am not Jewish, at least as far as the Orthodox Jewish Community is concerned. My Great grandfather was a German Jew, NOT My great grandmother. That is where the only Jewish relation is in My family tree..

Chuckling now. The running joke at one of our eateries was that I knew more about the Jewish faith then most non orthodox Jews in our Community. Ok, lets see if I can make this quick and easy to understand. This is what I know to be true of the laws about food in the Jewish faith. No dairy with Meat.. EVER! Bread can be eaten with either. Veggies can be eaten with either. These are considered parve. Parve is basically a neutral.. it can be eaten with either dairy or meat. there are a few things I still don’t understand.. LOL Ten years was not enough I guess. LOL

The point… So, I have stayed away from eating the traditional foods of Shabbos due to My love for all the fattening and super carb foods!! ahhh…. what I wouldn’t do for a pastrami burger right now!! Yup… I said it, a PASTRAMI BURGER!!! A HUGEMONGUS 1/2 pound PURE kosher beef, NOTHING added, except a little salt and pepper… cooked to a beautiful medium rare on the grill. Add a fresh made egg challah roll… WHAT?!!? Now add the pastrami, sliced very thin, grilled just for a few seconds to soften the thin line of fat… oh GOD… FOOGASM!!! I ate mine with grilled onions.. (ours were THE BEST hands down ANYWHERE in the state I live! then add a few leaves of lettuce, a slice of tomato, and don’t forget the mayo!! AMAZING what a thought can do to you physically! NOW I want to go cook a burger and be in a blissful stupor of food euphoria for a few hours! .. alas.. I cant. I am being a good girl if it KILLS Me!

Lets just get on with where the fuck I fell off My “wagon”.. So I know that when I am feeling in a way that isn’t so pleasant.. cooking usually gets Me right again. I tend to fall back to the foods that remind Me of a time when I felt right with the Universe. Hence…


Matbucha… a pepper and onion with a tomato base and a kick ass of hotness type of condiment. It can be eaten either cold or hot. I like Mine hot.

I don’t have measurements for this recipe because its kinda like one of those things you tweak YOUR way to make it right for you. Its SUPER easy and super fast. I feel that the longer it sits the better it gets.


Red peppers green peppers, Vidalia onions… Slice these all length wise

I can of tomato paste per 8 peppers

1 can of diced tomatoes, regular size can.

hot pepper paste of your choice

crushed red peppers

salt and pepper to taste

1/2 head of crushed garlic. or 2 tblsp powdered garlic.

Again, this recipe can be made truly YOUR own, just experiment, what is the worst that can happen? it wouldn’t be that perfect condiment taste? ok, then just throw it into some spaghetti sauce and you haven’t wasted anything!!

Here’s how to prepare it.

sauté the peppers and onions in olive oil, make sure you have at least two tablespoons in the pan. Once they are softened add the tomato paste, hot pepper paste, crushed red peppers, diced tomatoes and garlic. Cook on simmer until the sauce thickens just a little, all the veggies are soft and bendable and the sauce has darkened in color. It can burn because of the sugar in the tomato paste so pay attention. I usually add a few more tablespoons of olive oil, and I make a bigger amount then normal because My whole family loves this on EVERYTHING!! Fried eggs, scrambled eggs, they like it on top of pork chops, on top of chicken breast, on their Italian grinder subs.. One of My offspring put some on top of the veal stew .. she said it was BLAZING!!


Have fun cooking!  Satie

Now I want Noodle Kugel!! UGHH!!


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