HELLLLP!!! This blog is being created by a BLONDE!!!

Ok, so I AM a blonde… However I am NOT a “BLONDE”… for real, I was born a toe-head, blue-eyed ivory skinned, built like a German tank, BUT.. beautiful BLONDE (hence the Toe-head) baby girl to My beautiful red-headed Irish Mother and an English ( that’s what we’ve been told, by some, that’s another day for another posts when I feel like allowing you all to become “Freudians” again, and try to dissect what My REAL issues are… LOL.

I SWEAR I am going to punch the stupid monitor! Am I THE ONLY person feeling like a complete IDIOT because I can’t get this damn blogging format, theme, page, widget, thingy right!!!  It feels like I’ve been lying to Myself for the past 15 years, thinking I understood a DAMN thing about modern technology!!

dads typerwriter

Does anyone remember 8 track tapes?? Or a car called a Barracuda!! Or how about when we used to get up off OUR LAZY American asses to change the damn channel on the TV?!?!?!?  I can’t believe how lazy, Americans can be! But that’s not what this post is about.. It’s about Me trying to figure this page thing out, Like I said I thought I knew a little something about this crap… sigh… I must .. admit… d e f e a t … UGH SHOOT Me NOW!!!

I will continue to try to get this damn thing right and at the same time hold YOUR interest enough for you all to keep coming back,,.. Who knows… The next book YOU read just might possibly be ,… MINE! 🙂

XOXO Satie


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